Pick me app

Does the usage of your app cost any money?
No. The app simply creates a link which you can send as a text message. If you send the message via SMS / MMS, the tariffs of your provider apply. (Beware of using the app abroad!)

How can I change the contact number?
Start the APP and click on the settings wheel below.
At ‚Contact number’ you can now enter a number or select a contact from your contact list.

How can I change my profile?
Start the APP and click on the settings wheel below.
Under ‚Profile‘ you can change the settings.

Are you storing any location and personal data?
No. The app only temporarily stores information on your phone and overwrites it the next time you use it. If you delete the app all data will be deleted too.

I slided to the right but no message was sent?
The app only generates a link and does not send messages on its own.
If no link is created, please allow the app to use your location or check if you are in a
space where location services are available.

The message was created, but there was no location information included?
A valid GPS signal must be present.

Can I change the text of the text message?
Of course you can change the text manually before sending. If you want to have more predefined texts, wait for the Pro version 😉

Where can I buy the Pro Version?
The Pro Version is currently under development. Many new exciting features will be available for you soon.

How can I see if the text message has been seen by the recipient?
This is a feature of the Pro Version, which will be released soon.

Is this only for iOS devices?
The app is currently only offered in the iTunes Store. However, almost all smartphones can process the sent message with location information. An Android version is currently under development.

Can I use the app in another country?
Yes. Please be aware, that when you send an SMS / MMS, different rates may apply in different countries. Please check with mobile phone provider for more information about tariffs abroad.

Can I select multiple contact numbers?
You can only notify one contact at a time. Of course you can change it as often as you want.

Do you have more apps in the App Store?
Yes, we have for example a GPS controlled travel alarm clock. You can find it here:

Can I change the language?
The app is available in English and German depending on your system language.

My girlfriend has an android phone is possible to chose her as contact person anyway?
Of course you can. The question is if you want to 😉