BusZer is a GPS controlled alarm clock that is triggered within a certain radius of your destination. 

How does BuszZer work?

After starting the app you have to confirm that BuszZer is allowed to access your location. Once in the main screen, tap „Mark destination“. If you press a point on the map for 2 seconds, a red pin will be set, which will become your destination. By pressing the „OK!“ button you confirm the entry. „Abort“ aborts the input. Once you have selected the destination, set the toggle switch on the main screen to „ON“. Now the street name and the house number of your selection are displayed. If you approach your destination, the alarm will be triggered.



Built 2.4:

You can now test whether your iPhone is really playing the alarm by pressing the white speaker icon. You can also type in the address or destination manually by clicking Mark Destination.

What's the next step?

We have listened to your feedback and are working hard on the new version.